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Username The Running Fox
Status active
Joined Oct 29, 2020
Location Bakersfield California
Interests Books , movies , bi people , reading , writing , typeing , zooming with people , chilling with friends , asmr`s , audio of people talking
Biography i`m 6`2 and i live in Bakersfield California all though this town sucks there`s good things at this town but i hope i leave it soon when i get the chance to i like by people because i`m bi myself and i read comics or any book that catch`s my eye or eyes i make my own love songs but i won`t put them online i listen to horror songs but i just want someone to cuddle with at night but i like the movie the Clockwork Orange.
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10/30/20 at 22:45damn this is good i wish this would be like he fucked her and then he cums in her